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Gunsprings Made in the U.S.A.

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1911 Other springs

1911, other springs

Mainsprings: $6.25 each

We offer 4 different mainsprings for 1911 style pistols (full sized and commander):
2 are designed primarily for competition use and are wound from chrome silicon alloy.
2 are designed primarily for duty/carry/ self defense and are wound from stainless alloy because
it provides superior corrosion resistance.

Chrome silicon: 15MS (15#) & 17MS (17#)

Stainless alloy:  19SS (19#) & 22SS (22#)

Firing pin spring: $2.25 each

Part # HD250, heavy duty, chrome silicon

Magazine catch spring: $1.95 each

Part # MC100, stainless alloy

Plunger tube spring: $1.95 each

Part #       , chrome silicon







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