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Gunsprings Made in the U.S.A.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How often should the recoil spring be changed? The recoil spring should be changed, at the latest, when it has lost 0.500” of free length from new. At this point, the spring has suffered a considerable reduction in load exerted at installed (when the gun is in battery).

How long will an ISMI recoil spring last? In independent testing, ISMI spring have endured in excess of 100,000 compression cycles. We don’t recommend going that long between changes however. With an ISMI spring, practice routine maintenance and change it once a year.

Should I use a spring buffer?
We do not recommend the use of a spring buffer in the 1911 pistol. Buffers tend to be a bandage for a recoil spring that no longer performs adequately. Put a fresh spring in instead. Buffers reduce slide travel which can have an adverse effect of feeding reliability. In addition, buffers can break apart during firing and make the gun inoperable.

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